Cupcakes Actually

Cupcakes Actually
Cupcakes Actually (11944 Grand Commons Ave Farifax, VA 22030)
Flavors: Cherries Jubilee
Cost: $3.75
Score: 3.8

Cherrie Jubilee cupcakes
Spending a few days with a college pal in the Commonwealth, I was pleased to discover that their home was within walking distance to Cupcakes Actually. Cupcakes Actually is tiny storefront housed in a gorgeous outdoor shopping center. Decorated in full cupcake fashion, parking was a breeze and we found a spot directly in front of the store.

I was immediately greeted with at least 8 different flavors to choose from ranging from ‘The Italian Stallion’ to key-lime and cannoli. They also advertised milk shots for $0.25 cents and cake bites for $1.50. I walked away with the cherries jubilee cupcake for $3.75 and a cute box. I must note that Cupcakes Actually was next door to Pinkberry (my new obsession) so I looked forward to both cupcakes and Pinkberry.

Cupcakes Actually’s Assorted Cake bites
When we arrived back at my friend’s house, we both looked at our cuppies, then to our Pinkberry, then back at our cuppies like, “which one do we choose first?” I went with my beloved cuppies and upon first bite, found it to be a solid “B” student. The frosting was abundant although heavy on the shortening. The cake was good but could have been a bit smoother. To their credit, they were replenishing their stock when we came in so those cupcake may have been made earlier in the day. Nonetheless, the cupcakes looked better than they actually tasted.

My cherries jubilee cupcake topped with a
cherry jelly belly
Neither bad nor crave-worthy, Cupcakes Actually are a great choice for suburban-dwellers who want to be tied-over until their next cupcake-fix.